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UPDATED: 3/17/16

Preparing Garage Door for a StormWe have had a lot of severe weather this year across the country from high winds and tornados to torrential rain and flooding. If your home encountered any bad weather, how did your garage door hold up? Did it perform well or poorly, both during and after the storm(s)? The garage door is the largest opening to our homes and as such should be reinforced for damaging winds and rain. Garage doors in extremely high winds can buckle and fail, providing easy access to tear off the roof and wall panels. Here are some things you can do to secure your garage door for a storm.

The most important thing you can do to secure your garage door is to seal it to keep the wind and rain out. You can do simple things like adding weather stripping to the garage door and all windows and entryways and tightening down any loose hardware such as hinges, screws and fasteners.

After sealing the door, you can strengthen it. This requires a trained technician, but essentially you would be adding support brackets to the door to keep it from bending, bowing, and cracking under the pressure of high force winds.

The most comprehensive option would be to simply replace the garage door with one that is specifically built to sustain high winds with the strongest parts and seals. If you live in an area where there are hurricanes, you could upgrade your door to a hurricane-strength door, for example, which would include reinforcement bars and sealing trim up front. In some cities doors are required to be a specific hurricane rating; check your local city codes to find out what is necessary in your area.

There are many options to secure your garage door from destructive weather. Take the first step to securing your garage door by having it evaluated by a trained technician who can then show you any weak areas or problems and your options for repairing them.

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