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A good and green way to save money in your garage:

Hello to all and hope this blog post finds everyone in good health and spirits!

People are always looking for ways to save money and most people want to be good stewards of the Earth. If in the process of saving money the decisions they make turn out to be good for the environment as well then what could be better?

Well, one way that homeowners can help the environment and save significantly on electric costs in the garage is by using LED light fixtures. LED light bulbs use significantly less electricity to provide the same amount of light as Incandescent bulbs. They never get hot to the touch or increase ambient temperatures in the garage. Their lifespan ranges from five to fifteen times that of an incandescent bulb, and they can be used with dimmer switches and experience no degradation or loss of life expectancy unlike conventional bulbs. Also unlike Fluorescent and Incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are made using no toxic or hazardous materials. They also do not contain glass and can withstand falling from the ceiling to the floor or sustaining significant shock without damage. Try that with either of the two conventional bulbs, Fluorescent or Incandescent, and you’ll have glass shards everywhere. Have that same scenario happen with a Compact Fluorescent bulb or (CFL) and you will be exposed to mercury and broken glass that cannot be vacuumed without fear of spreading vaporized and powdered mercury, which can be extremely hazardous for pets and family members. CFLs breaking are so hazardous that experts recommend turning heating and air conditioning systems off for at least four hours to air out the affected area. Industry research has determined that the critical exposure period for mercury passes after four hours.

The benefits of using LED lights over conventional lights and the new CFL bulbs are overwhelmingly in favor of LEDs. The earth-friendly and low cost manufacturing process means low costs for consumers and no adverse effects on the environment. That is a win-win situation.

It is important to note that some LED bulbs can cause frequency issues with remotes. Amazon offers a few choices from Genie and other brands that don’t interfere with frequency.

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